Welcome to my website

My name is Hellemai Christensen. For more than 25 years I have been a dedicated groomer, breeder and handler in the kennels name of CAIRNDY.

Through my breeding of Cairn Terriers, I have had many a great adventure and lots of experience. Therefore, I am pleased to share all my knowledge with you, if you are interested in knowing how to treat and groom a wire coat.

My top priority is the dog’s wellbeing, and on this video you will see how you gently and efficiently can groom your dog in the best way possible.

Over the years I have proven my success with numerous titles. I have won more than 40 Danish champion titles and several international titles, e.g. German, American, French, Italian, Belgian, Finnish, Canadian and Swedish. Also, I have bred three world winners in a straight line: Cairndy Ymer WW 1991, Carindy Only Oliver WW 1992 and Caindy Kiksekage WW 1995 – just to mention some of the highlights. In addition to this comes several titles as Best in Show, Best in Breed, etc.

Twice I have won the coveted title as Danish champion of dog grooming. I have taught grooming in both Denmark and abroad, e.g. USA and South Africa. I have been chairman of BHS (The Danish association for dog grooming), and I have educated many trainees. In addition to this I have a range of additional courses in ethology and cynology. These courses have been very important in order for me to understand both the mental and physical needs of the dog.

My great inspiration and mentor has been my husband, Peter Hage, who up until his death in 1998 was in worldwide demand for his knowhow and his unique ability to groom as artwork. Through his superior craft he has contributed to creating respect about the profession.

This to tell you a bit about my background in order for you to understand that my experience and success is significant.

I wish you good luck with seeing and learning from this video.


Hellemai Christensen