about video

This video is a voice over so you can work with your dog while you watch the video, i.e. there is no text to read on the screen.

You will get a pdf with the text below when you purchase the link to the video.

Content of the video

Preparation of the grooming
Prepare the grooming with a thorough combing.
Be calm, methodical and place your tools within reach. Never leave the dog when it is on the table. Begin by grooming the back and remember that all fur must come out with its roots. Bend our knees, or sit down, in order for you to be at eye level with the area you are grooming.

Consider the build of the dog
Watch how the cowlicks grow. Be gentle but firm. Watch the genital in particular.

The neck and shoulders
Trim closely on the sides of the neck and behind the shoulders. Again, be aware of the growing direction of the cowlicks.

The chest
Groom in the fur’s growing direction in a V from the neck and down over the chest. 

Do not keep the head lifted for too long at a time.
A Cairn is allowed to look a little “shaggy”.

The 5th claw
Be aware of the 5th claw when you are grooming legs.

The tail
The tail is a delicate area, so be patient with you dog. The shape of the tale has to look like an upside down carrot.

Remember that practice makes perfect.

The ears and paws
Grooming the ears
Try to obtain a collected expression, i.e. not too pointed or too thin.
Be aware of the cowlicks beneath the cheeck fur.
Hold gently but firmly.
Grooming the paws.

The genitals, stomach and legs
Cut with caution around the genitals, the lower part of the stomach, and the inside of the legs.


Hellemai Christensen